Nemeth in a Box

Project Inspire is a U.S. Department Education grant funded project that provides both professional development for teachers of students with visual impairments and extra-curricular programming supporting the accurate use of Nemeth Code by students with visual impairments in both the math and science curriculums.  As part of the grant, programming was provided to middle school students, across the country, in grades 6-8 titled Nemeth in a Box.  Through the use of problem-based learning, students participated in a series of puzzles and hands-on learning experiences to examine their conceptual knowledge of mathematical concepts that were sent to them directly.  

This presentation will present findings regarding student knowledge of Nemeth code, student understanding of mathematical concepts and lessons from the extra-curriculum programming being offered online. The research focused around the following questions: 1)What knowledge of Nemeth Code do students in grades 6-8 possess?; 2)What impact does use of a problem-based method of online learning have on students’ Nemeth knowledge of symbols and equations in grades 6-8?; 3) Did the Nemeth in a Box impact student knowledge of Nemeth symbols and equations in grades 6-8?; and 5) What are the self-efficacy levels of participants in STEM before and after participating in the program?

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