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Privacy Policy Statement

The Inclusion in Science, learning a New Direction, Conference on Disability and STEM (ISLAND) will be collecting personal information using the ( website. All personally identifiable information that is collected through this website such as name, e-mail address, and other contact information will only be used to enhance your experience with the ISLAND conference. This information will be used for logistical planning purposes only for the ISLAND conference. This information will not be shared with any entity, person, government agency, or other third party for any reason without legal due process. This information will not be used for any commercial use. 

The ISLAND conference is affiliated with Independence Science, a for profit access technology company located at 3000 Kent Ave, Suite 1303, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906, Phone: (866) 862-9665, e-mail: [email protected]. The ISLAND conference is a public service to the STEM education community interested in promoting the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the STEM professions. 

This website does not use cookies for the purpose of auto filling of forms or other fields. The opinions of the presenters are not the opinions of the ISLAND conference, Independence Science, Princeton University, the Princeton Center for Complex Materials, or the National Science Foundation, nor do these organizations explicitly or implicitly endorse the views and opinions of the presenters.

For questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the conference organizers at [email protected]