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Code of Conduct

For Island Conference Attendees

All attendees of the Island Conference are required to abide by this code of conduct and to use it as a guide for conducting themselves while attending the conference.

Treat all people with courtesy. Only speak of other people and companies in a positive light, and refrain from any negative comments about other attendees or their companies.

The Conference should not be used as an opportunity to improperly learn the trade secrets of other companies. Do not handle the hardware and documents of other attendees without their permission. Do not ask attendees technical questions about their products and services unless the answers are in the public domain, and do not answer such questions if asked.

There may be opportunities at the conference for socializing, such as formal receptions or informal gatherings of attendees during or outside of normal working hours. Attendees are required to maintain professional decorum when attending such occasions, regardless of the time of day. Attendees shall not consume, or be under the influence of, non-prescription drugs (except for over-the-counter medications), illegal drugs, or controlled substances while interacting with other conference attendees. If alcohol is consumed, it should only be consumed in moderation. At no time should an attendee appear to be inebriated or not in full control of their behavior.

It is to be understood that not all types of unacceptable conduct can possibly be listed herein, and that attendees are prohibited from all conduct that could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting, such as this conference. Attendees are expected to use good judgment and strive to reflect on the conference positively at all times while attending the conference. Any violation of this code of conduct may be grounds for removing an attendee from the conference.