Using AI to Instantly Make STEM Images and Documents Accessible – Vijayshree Vethantham

“Accessibility is a critical foundational element for technology solutions and it has become part of mainstream technology that enables individuals with disabilities to interact effectively and intuitively with machines in order to be productive and active participants in society.

Continual Engine is an industry leader, solving this problem by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision. It enables superior learning experiences for technology-based companies, publishers, educational institutions, and content providers, and specializes in digitizing and making legacy content accessible including documents, and images such as complex tables, figures, and charts.

Our products PREP and Invicta are innovations in accessible technology that break barriers in education, enabling equitable access to all. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, and other technologies in an unprecedented manner, our products make content accessible for all individuals – regardless of physical, cognitive, or other limitations.

PREP which stands for PDF and Document Remediation Platform is a document accessibility platform that accelerates and automates the process of making PDFs and other formats of documents accessible for individuals with visual or cognitive disabilities who use screen reader software to access digital content. Compared to other remediation tools, PREP minimizes the need for manual intervention as it automates tagging for even complex structures like tables and lists. In addition to staying compliant with Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and ADA guidelines, businesses can make documents accessible at a fraction of the time and cost. The tool also empowers a team of highly experienced accessibility experts who test, verify and produce accurate documents. PREP makes accessible technology adoption faster, seamless, and results oriented.

PREP offers a lot of advantageous solutions that defies the challenges for accessibility in education.

· Accelerates the time involved in making complex STEM documents accessible

· Develops a cost-effective solution that easily fit into institutional budgets

· Shortens the learning curve when using PREP to easily integrate new users or part-time users.

· Easily understandable and accessible for faculty or non-expert users

· Also offers video resources to enable on-demand learning

· Supports multiple document formats, structures, complexities, and large volumes

Our AI-powered solution Invicta serves as a one-stop solution to generate high quality and compliant accessible alt text. Invicta disrupts the tedious and expensive approach to content accessibility, allowing the publishing houses to cater to a larger audience and create a level playing field for everyone to access the content. Invicta automates the task of generating high-quality, accurate alt-text for images of varying complexities within a significantly shorter turnaround time and at a reduced cost.

The ultimate goal of Continual Engine’s accessibility products is to handle all types of complex STEM images at every education level.”

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