APH presents the Submersible Audio Light Sensor (SALS); A device that fosters inclusion in science – Rosanne Hoffmann

The American Printing House for the Blind released the Submersible Audio Light Sensor (SALS) for sale in the summer of 2022. SALS comprises a 25-cm long light-detecting probe connected to an iOS or Android app via Bluetooth®. Detected levels of light are converted to a tone produced by mobile devices and tablets via the SALS app. SALS is unique because it detects light in liquids as well as in air. As light levels decrease, the tone pitch becomes lower; and if light levels increase, the pitch becomes higher. SALS is useful for students with visual impairment, as it provides audible notification of a visual change in an experimental parameter. For example, when a precipitate is formed in a test tube, or when a pH indicator changes from a light to a darker color, a decrease in tone would be discerned. Sound is heard as a tone or stated in Hertz, and students can save and compare tones with the app. The presentation will include a demonstration of the SALS probe and app.

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