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Updates on Rapid Prototyping, Concept of the Model Lending library and the Comic featuring three blind Labradors


Robert Jaquiss

Independence Science


This presentation covers three topics:

Since this author’s last presentation on the state of the art of Rapid Prototyping, improvements have been made to the equipment available that allows for faster model production, larger build envelopes and finer surface features. There are a few systems that utilize CNC routers, laser cutters and 3d printers.

The concept of the Model Lending Library has been modified to include a STEM materials production component. The production of STEM materials will enhance revenue and help justify the purchase of a better braille embosser.

The Comic featured in the last few Independence Science newsletters is a way in which STEM concepts can be explained to students. The main characters are three blind Labradors (Isci a black lab, Stella a yellow lab and Gadget a chocolate lab). The three labs have and will have adventures here on earth, in space and on the Moon. There are a number of humans in the comic including characters who are blind and who read braille.