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The 2023 New Jersey Abacus Bee


Dr. Monique Coleman

President, Vistas Education Partners (VISTAS)


The ISLAND conference is proud to collaborate with Dr. Monique Coleman, to host the inaugural New Jersey Abacus Bee. This math competition is open to blind and low vision students ages 5-21. Contestants can use an abacus, mental math, finger math, and/or manipulatives. Contests are available in braille and large print. The Abacus Bee will include a pop up Makerspace facilitated by the Mountain Lakes Library Makerspace in the auditorium starting at 2:30. The full agenda for the Abacus Bee is provided below:

12:45         Check-in 

1:00           Welcome Ceremony

1:30           Mercury Round – all groups

1:50           Gemini Round – all groups
                       Family Workshop: The Abacus is Fundamental (starts at 2:15)

2:10           Apollo Round – all groups
                   Family Workshop cont’d

2:30           Artemis Round – Movers, Riders, Flyers and Blasters
                   Makerspace Activities– Rovers, Starters

3:00           Break – all groups

3:30           Space Race Dictation Round – all groups (optional)
Makerspace Activities

4:30           Voyager Round – Flyers, Blasters
                   Makerspace & Abacus Craft Activity – Rovers, Starters, Movers, Riders

5:00           Break – all groups 


5:30           Closing Ceremony

6:00           Adjourn