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Stories of Neurodiversity in STEM: Finding a Common Professional Language


Derek Hidalgo, Dylan Sullivan, Fernando Zavala, Jacob Stolle,
Landmark College


Dr. Christin Monroe, Landmark College


This panel will consist of four Landmark College students pursuing undergraduate degrees in Life Science or Computer Science. All students have completed internships and have used the knowledge they gained from participation in the AIE-STEMPLOS NSF-funded program to pursue their passions. The students used a common language extracted from the Birkman survey with their faculty mentor and cohort group to identify and navigate internship opportunities. After successfully earning their internship positions, they sought supplementary funding to support their projects. These projects range from video game coding, reptile rehabilitation, science outreach and research on enzyme kinetics. The students will reflect on their experiences as neurodiverse STEM scholars and how the scaffolds provided by the AIE-STEMPLOS program helped them at each step of navigating their respective internships. (NSF DUE S-STEM Award #2129912)