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Mission INSPIRE: Increasing Conceptual Knowledge, Building Rockets, and STEM Career Exploration


Tina Herzberg

Susan Osterhaus

University of South Carolina Upstate


Have you ever wondered how to get your students with visual impairments more involved in science? Through this presentation, you will learn about how students increased their conceptual knowledge of rockets, got involved with building and testing rockets, and collected their own data. The students and their families also had a blast interacting with Dr. Wells-Jensen, a NASA employee who is blind, and learning about her recent space-related missions.

We will share how the team taught the content online (after extensive revisions based on what we learned in 2022) and the impact of the accessible instruction, models, and tactile graphics on student knowledge and understanding. Attendees will acquire access to curriculum materials, including electronic tactile graphic files, that can be easily duplicated for use with other students.