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Access to Forensic Sciences: A Fully Accessible Murder Investigation


Ashley Neybert and Annalise Diodato

Independence Science


When Annalise got her degree in forensic chemistry, she had to struggle to try to “fit in” and “pass” as a “sighted” person causing difficulty finding work in a laboratory setting typical in her field. Working with Independence Science, we have worked to make sure that students don’t have to struggle through such a fate anymore.

From research on accessible fingerprinting methods and blood spatter analysis tutorials to ground penetrating radar analysis and drug identification, we have worked to design a fully accessible end-to-end murder investigation suitable for students of all visual acuities, including totally blind students. Join us on how we created this investigation, the research behind it, our first commercialization of the program in Kentucky, and how you can make this experience accessible to your students as well.