The registration for ISLAND 2020, is now closed.

Due to an overwhelming demand for ISLAND conference participation this year, we are unable to process your registration request at this time.

We are, however, happy to inform you that many of the presenters at this year’s ISLAND conference have agreed to have their presentations recorded. These presentations will be captioned, slightly edited, and made available after October 15, 2020 from the Princeton University Media Central resource, free of charge, to the public.

Also, all of the ISLAND conference presenters are invited to submit peer review research papers to the Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities (JSESD) for the Spring 2021 issue that will appear in an ISLAND conference section.  Although not all presenters submit papers, we hope those that do will be a valuable resource to your work.

We would encourage you to consider participating in the 2021 ISLAND conference, tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 17, and Saturday, September 18, 2021. Please check back to the ISLAND conference website for more specific details as they become available.

We would like to thank our 2020 ISLAND conference sponsors:

Princeton University Office of Information Technology

Princeton University Center for Complex Materials

Princeton University Campus Conversations on Identities

Independence Science

We would also like to thank you for your interest in the 11th annual ISLAND conference. We hope you will be able to join us in Princeton, New Jersey for the 12th annual Inclusion in Science, Learning a New Direction, Conference on Disability, shifting the paradigm to promote inclusive science access for all learners.